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Our Upcoming Company - MIND TREASURE - An Umbrella concern Of G.S. Consultancy

Our partnering domain involves strategizing resource planning for existing operations, start up ventures or special projects on an all India basis along-with establishing compensation bands & formalizing SOP’s for the entire gamut of HR activities.

Apart from the same we undertake integration and communication workshops on mergers, capacity augmentations towards seamless transition. Designing the job description for positions, role evaluations with reworked bands & role designs, work measurement/workforce optimization- both of new businesses and for existing businesses. We undertake critical strategizing plans for restructuring of organization and onward process implementing.

We engage strongly in “Operational & Performance Excellence” designs in core operational functions like Sales, Manufacturing, Supply Chain etc., wherein we craft achievement oriented capsules on people productivity, through tools & processes involving communication models in various formats & through ownership & empowerment practice tools & sessions. Objective oriented Goal Setting sessions; Implementation of Balance Score Card & Performance Practice remains another core forte of operational excellence. We master in major & innovative processes to excel via reworked developmental models, tertiary sales interface between organization – channels,, introduction of Customer relationship initiatives in competitive locations through formation of Small Performing Teams to evolve a stringent Customer interface.

We have equal strengths in Reward Practices through designing of various customized variable pay-off schemes” in Sales, Manufacturing & for other operational platforms-aimed towards optimization of people capacities through right cascaded integration tools, ensuring EBIDTA numbers.

We also like to associate with organizations in managing outsourced operational contracts, driving workers’ education in behavioural, social & environmental subjects, designing productivity linked agreements & hand hold with organizations in undergoing bi-partite & tri-partite negotiations.

We also collaborate with organizations in framing Compliance & Ethics guidelines & conduct workshops on implementation of COBCE & Compliance systems under FCPA, Anti-Bribery laws, POSH & Internal Complaints Committees, SOA etc

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